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我们的青春在台北讲的是经历了风风雨雨,陈为廷和蔡博艺两位青年在社运现场的故事。2018金马奖最佳纪录片《我们的青春,在台湾》终於要在4月12日上映了! 耗时 8 年的拍摄和剪辑,《我们的青春,在台湾》以总长 116 分钟...


导演: 林鑫 制片国家/地区:中国大陆语言:普通话/国语上映日期:2009-05-27 二十多个同学的回顾,追溯了三十年的个人历史;一个个随机截取的普通日子,对应着自然和生命的四季。1978年,当这些大都是矿工后代的同学,从陕西铜川三里洞煤矿中学毕业时,他们即将展开的人生之路与中国的改革开放同步。沉浮在大时代的变革中,有着太多的理想失落与妥协,也有着不屈不挠的挣扎和坚守。三十年后,林鑫再次走近当年的同学们,记录了他们当下各自不同的生存状态和生命历程。平淡中的安逸、喧嚣中的孤独、富足后的厌倦、贫困里的无奈,都一一绽放在这群鲜活的生命中,成为这一时期中小城市大多数普通人生活的一个缩影,同时也辉映着这样一个高歌猛进的时代。Twenty plus classmates look back into the past, tracing backthrough a 30 year history. One after another adapts to the random events that come to shape their lives, to the four seasons of life and nature. These descendants of mine workers graduated in 1978 from Tongchuan Coal Mine Middle School in Sha’anxi. The years they were about experience coincided with the reforms and opening up of China. Floating in the changes of the new era, some experience compromises and the loss of ideals, whilst some keep struggling ahead with great determination. Thirty years later, Lin Xin encounters his old classmates, and records their individual lives and history; the ease of monotony, the loneliness of success, the weariness of a life of plentiful, the helplessness of poverty… all come forth in the lives of these group of people, becoming an epitome of the lives of ordinary people in small to middle-sized cities in this era, and at the same time reflecting on a generation that advances forward undefeated. 作为铜川三里洞煤矿中学高七八级的一员,一直挣扎在谋生与艺术创作冲突的双重疲惫中。大多数同学依然生活在这座城市,并拥有各自不同的人生际遇和命运。时代的烙印凝成个体生命的轨迹,岁月的沧桑蒙在曾经青春的脸上,我再次和他们一一相遇。我的预期在拍摄中不断地被现实修正,生活带给我的震撼超出了我的想象。我接受命运的摆布,在这些偶然或必然相遇的同学的普通一天中,记录下他们的生活经历与生存状态,感知着生命的柔弱和坚韧。他们的欢乐和痛苦、希望和无奈,都不断加深着我对生活的理解,以及对这个时代的认知。As as a 1978 grade student at the Sanlitong Coal Mine Middle School of Tongchuan, I struggled between the twofold consuming conflict of making a living and artistic creativity. Most of my old classmates still live in that same city, each living their spells of good and bad fortune and their different destinies. The imprints of the era congeal into individual trajectories, and the vicissitudes of life come to put a veil on their once young faces… I once again come to meet with each of them. My expectations are constantly rectified by reality during the filming, many things exceeding my imagination. I come to accept the manipulation of fate. Whether fortuitously or inevitably, I’ve come to meet them again and record their life experiences and their situations, perceiving through this the frailty and tenaciousness of life. Their happiness and sorrows, hopes and despair, all continually deepen my understanding of life, as well as my knowledge of this generation.